…also known as USB Killer

Based on the research of a russian engineer we’ve developed a computer-frying USB pendrive Killer called DarkUSB.

DarkUSB is overriding temperature controls, which won’t actually set the machine on fire but will create serious damage and burn the electronic parts. May be some heating involved.
It is not an usual USB stick, only looks like one and the only way to find out is to break it in pieces.

We have tested this on ASUS, HP, TOSHIBA and DELL laptops/notebooks. Smart TV and Macbook not tested, yet!


Q: How long it will to take to damage a laptop or system?
A: It depends on the laptop, from 10 seconds to 1 minute. As long as it’s staying connected, the more damage woll be done.

Q: Laptops have power surge protection, so if in case it detects any power surge it will notify user and may stop the connected device to work?
A:Laptop computers covert 120- volt power to about 12 to 18 volts (DC) by way of an adapter that is usually located along the power cord. The additional surge protector will also be added along the adapter and power-cord.

Q: The user may see what’s happening and disconnect the usb?
A: There will be no message or warning for the user.

Finally! A fair pricing

0,5 BTC



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